Our MPCC is a 501c3 Non-Profit

How Can Your Company Help

Title Sponsorships & Supporting Sponsorships are applauded and tax deductible. Financial Support as well as Prizes need to be fulfilled to ensure a great event for each of our military personnel competing.We cannot make this happen without the support of sponsors and our volunteers.

We Thank you in advance.

The MPCC has a truly unique relationship with the bases and military personnel that compete. Partnering with the MPCC will allow your company, products and or services to be recognized and appreciated by the military involved with our competition. Sponsors are recognized through strategic branding efforts that get your brand seen as well as recognized as a partner who makes all this happen.Companies such as GoPro, Edelbrock, NAPA, AirGas, Hagerty,Toyota as well as other nationally recognized brands have supported us in the past.These brands saw their brand loyalty solidify with their sponsorships and interaction with the MPCC participants,families and bases.     

This event is not an Official Military Based Program.The MPCC is welcomed at participating bases and is granted all permissions and access required to activate on location. Legal waivers are required for all participants to compete and liabilities are limited to participants only. The US Military is in no way directly affiliated with the MPCC and is not liable for incidents that may possibly occur. All safety systems are integrated into the MPCC event to ensure a safe and fun event for all parties involved.  

We do need your help to make this unique experience happen with our Military. On behalf of Rhine Built and the United States Military we greatly appreciate your support and we look forward to working with you to be a part of the action.      

For details on how you may be a part of Rhine Built's "Military Pit Crew Challenge", please

Contact Todd Morris at (336) 549-8275 or toddmorris@me.com.

We need your help!

It Takes sponsorship TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR OUR U.S. Military Personnel