An Industry Leader

MPCC is the creation and passion of Bill Rhine, owner of Rhine Enterprises/Rhine Built. Bill has extensive experience in all aspects of motor sports, fabrication, design and race related items. His work in racing, specialty fabrication and complete turnkey restoration services have earned Rhine Enterprise a well deserved reputation for delivering high quality work that  established him as a global leader in the world of motor sports. Bill's reputation and his passion for racing also has landed him on such venues as HBO (Racing Documentary) to blockbuster movie sets like "Talladega Nights" where he not only built race props but appeared in the film. Bill's obsession for racing allowed him to be elected on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame, Founded by Don Miller-Penske Racing South President. If you participate in the MPCC its great to know your with an authentic motor sports industry leader! #RhineBuilt #MPCC    

Pit Crew Challenge

Our Mission

01.To Have Fun

The point to all of this is to have a good time! Our goal is to bring something exciting to the men and women of our US Military that they might never have a chance to do.It's our way of giving back to those who serve and protect our freedoms everyday. 


02.We guarantee the experience with us will be an experience of a lifetime.

When you participate in the Military Pit Crew Challenge, you become part of our family. We want you to be excited with every part of the experience! It's our goal to make sure every moment is an experience of a lifetime not only for the team member but fun for the family and spectators as they

come to cheer you on.


03.You'll test your limits

The Pit Crew Challenge is a very intense experience! Once you train with us, you'll know what its takes to be on a real pit crew--whether it's the competition your looking for or you want to explore being on a race team one day. We'll help train you to achieve your goal. We'll keep you safe... but we promise you were gonna make you sweat-this is not for everyone. Do you have what it takes to be a winner? Then show us what you got!



The Pit Crew Challenge is for our US Military. Our military have the opportunity to experience being on a simulated pit crew. The Military Pit Crew Challenge and the training is free to the 

men and women that serve our country.