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Pit Crew Challenge

At Rhine Enterprise, LLC, we're all gear heads and we love the world of Motor Sports and we also love our Military! Nothing beats the rush you get from world of Auto Racing and we at Rhine Built want to bring that experience to our soldiers! Once your trained to be a "Pit Crew Challenge" team member, you'll be hooked on racing too. The Pit Crew performance at a race can make your team a Winner or a Loser in a split second. Do you have what it takes to compete…then show us what you got. We will teach you what you need to know to win...but winning is up to you! Military Pit Crew Challenge, do you have what it takes? Bring it! #MPCC 

For Military Personnel Only

Experience first hand the thrill of competeting on a real pit crew!

One-of-a-kind experience


The "MPCC" is and exciting team building opportunity focused on training military personnel into a fully functional NASCAR style Pit Crew Team.Just like the Pro's

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your team

yours to win


Build a 10 man team and in just a few days with our trainers, your team will develop the skills to compete at a top level.Past teams times have even rivaled the real pit crews in racing! 

Go for the  Checkered flag


This is not little league,not everyone gets a prize. If you do win you can rub it in and take back to your Squadron the coveted "Gas Can" Trophy along with other great prizes from our sponsors.

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Learn From

The Pros


It all happens with a 4-day intense training program where the teams work closely under time trial conditions with actual cars,tools and equipment used by the pros in racing.

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Awards are given out at the end of each Championship Round by the Top Brass on Base. Go for the Checkered Flag and show them what you got!


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